About me

I’m a hard-working young designer with a keen eye for detail, curiosity, and a love of good design. I inject heart, and often humour, into all of my work.

Over the past 4 years I’ve relished the opportunity to develop my skills and understanding, industry experience and personal growth through my apprenticeship and Graphics degree.

I believe myself to be a reflective person who learns quickly from experience. Working in a creative studio, particularly liaising with clients, was vital to my start as a designer. University has greatly deepened my understanding of the theories, techniques and technologies of graphic design. I can judge my work with a sharp critical eye, while applying practical knowledge of the creative workplace.

I often enjoy photography and drawing - their charm often find their way into my work.


Gary Young
Creative Director - Creation ADM

“Tom is supremely committed, reliable and brings a level of enthusiasm to the office that many of us ‘older folks’ have long lost! Already he’s helped both ourselves and some of our customers get out of a technical jam or two. But that’s not all Tom brings to our organisation.

His thoughts and ideas on the projects he has worked on gives us a new, relatable understanding of a younger audience. A unique insight into the minds of a younger generation that has already reaped benefits for our customers. A wise head on young shoulders. While managing marketing and social media services, he’s also not afraid to get stuck in to new projects from scratch. His knowledge of Wordpress has been a great starting point from which he has built on admirably. All while finding a great passion for design. In the time Tom has been with us, he is a valuable member of our team. He’ll go far”.

Thomas Pearson
Manchester, UK.