Platform For Joy

The Brief
How might we unlock joy for people at train stations?
‘Arrival Zone!’ seeks to spark joy through a momentary arcade-themed experience while passengers wait for their incoming train.

The campaign acts as a vessel for social interaction in an otherwise unsocial environment. Passengers can use their accrued points as a discount at train station shops. Where a matched amount donation is made to Samaritans.

Concept: The campaign brings moments of intrigue and joy via a unique 8-bit stylised guessing game. The aim is to pick a spot on the platform where passengers think a particular door on the train might stop. The system works via sensors at either end of the platform, while sensors are also attached to doors on trains in order to provide the desired point of reference.

Large Scale Banners above train station ticket barriers grab the attention of everyone proceeding to their platform. These banners act as the initial call-to-action before coming across the interactive digital boards installed on each platform.

Arrival Zone! Player Cards seek to enable a wide range of ages to play along. People love the sensation of something tangible and physical. The cards seek to provide the same service and accessibility should people wish to not use the campaign’s app.

Interactive digital boards provide the core of the campaign’s service. Passengers can simply tap their player card against the board to login to their account. Prompting the necessary information pertaining to the platform, arriving trains, current leaderboards and of course the game itself.

The core mobile app features the same simplistic characteristics of previously mentioned arcade games. Players can easily navigate throughout the key pages. Upon startup, the app uses the phone’s GPS to determine which platform a player is participating from.
The following poster series hopes to successfully outline the monetary aspect of the campaign in regards to its charitable efforts with Samaritans.

Thomas Pearson
Manchester, UK.