Proving Ground Exihibition

The Brief
Research previous explorers/expeditions, select a target audience and create a piece of communication design that captures the content in a new and exciting way. You may wish to utilise type and illustration/image to create a book or document/an exhibition/an experience.
Proving Ground is a contemporary science exhibition about the Apollo 11 moon landing. The exhibition seeks to revive the famous mission and bring it back into the present as NASA looks to launch the first Artemis mission to the moon in late 2021, our gateway to
Mars and beyond.

Audience: The desired target audience is 16-30 year olds. The exhibition seeks to inspire the next generation of potential british scientists and space fans. While refreshing the older segment on the Apollo 11 mission, what the future holds and how it might impact their
later life.

After the introduction, visitors are guided towards info on how the moon came into existence, with relevant facts. The room then progresses onto visually representing the various
mission stages.
The moon installation function encourages visitors to interact with the touch respondant glass orbs which show locations of the lunar surface, as well as landing sites. Once a location is selected, a projection is shown on the moon above. Providing detailed textures of that area and the typical characteristics.

Found on the right hand side of the room as visitors enter shows the various experiments conducted on the lunar surface. Visitors can get their feet dirty with moon-like material, allowing them to make their own footprints around
the exhibition.

These touchpoints help to visualise the identity of the exhibition. The abstract Earth and Moon are consistently used throughout promotional material. As well as various items of gift shop merchandise to help visitors have a momento of the experience.

Thomas Pearson
Manchester, UK.