Commercial Work

Client: iBreathe
Established in 2009, iBreathe is one of the longest-running manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and eLiquids in the United Kingdom. With years of experience in research, development and manufacturing in the vaping industry, iBreathe has been providing eCigarette devices as a form of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).
Xero Range
Xero provides you an amazing 600 puff count that is full of flavour containing our famous premium Nic Salt's.

The taste you know, just more compact. The iBreathe Xero Disposable Pod is an alternative solution to those looking to give up the smoking habit, through a more effective, convenient and affordable method in comparison to alternative NRT methods. The vision of iBreathe Xero Disposable Pod, and it's flavour variants are developed entirely around customer satisfaction. Whether an active Vaper, a dual user or a new vaper.

- iBreathe Xero Product Page

The concepts created for the Xero range focused on providing a pharmaceutical sentiment, to comfort those hoping to quit smoking in a more affordable way. 

Xero seeks to differ itself from the rest of iBreathe products. To be seen as more of a ‘medical’ option. As a result, this range would be supplied in pharmacies and sold on the premise that Xero only pushes to provide the smoking sensation.
The desired look for the initial print material of the vaping range is represented through a small selection of pastel blue tones, accompanyied by clear and consise sans serif type. 
While the posters will be displayed within shops and predominantly pharmacies, the attention from said posters diverts further reading towards the brochure. Which will provide further information on the product, with both B2C and B2B purchasing options. Overall these designs create awareness for the range and bring the company to a new target audience.

Thomas Pearson
Manchester, UK.